I didn't know what to expect when you first told me about the class, but just knowing it was about food and health excited me. 

I  absolutely loved the class! I'm pretty sure every single person in the class loved it too. The hands-on portion was my favorite--who isn't intrigued by food?  Showing people how easy it was to literally toss a bunch of veggies on a sheet pan with minimal seasoning was genius.  I also found the knife demo quite helpful. I eat sweet potatoes at least  five times a week, and I always dreaded preparing them because they were so difficult to cut. So learning how to cut themproperly was a life saver.  So thanks to you, Sharon,  I still have all ten fingers!  :) 


Oh, and you introduced me to coconut aminos...it is now a must-have ingredient for me!  


Thanks for sharing your resources with us.  We quite often forget a lot of what we have learned after the fact, so the handouts you provided were a welcome review of what we learned plus so much more.  I mean you gave everyone the tools they needed to make even the slightest improvement in the way they approach food and eating.   You never claimed to have created anything new, you simply wanted to show us what you've learned about cooking, healthy eating, and doing it all in a cost-effective way (besides, why reinvent the wheel?). 


Your personal journey was as much a part of the class as the food demo and discussion, so thanks again.  It gave people who didn't know you an opportunity to get to know a little about you.  I think it made for a more intimate and fun class, because we were all so comfortable with you.  Great job!  Looking forward to your next class!

Hint, hint..."

Tracy H

Healthy Cooking on a Budget - Women's Church Retreat

I had a great time at Sharon's knife skills class. I learned how to safely use a sharp knife and now I always think of Sharon when I'm chopping vegetables.  I learned some creative ways to cut them so they look more interesting, and I may even be able to get my son to eat more veggies!  Thanks, Sharon!"


Knife Skills Class

A little background: although I played piano (and so knew some musical terms), I had never played guitar (outside of Guitar Hero, which I don't think counts) - so I was a total novice. Sharon is a wonderful teacher who knows how to make learning the guitar fun and accessible. She explained guitar terms in a way that made sense to a total novice. We would go through drills and such for the first part of the lesson. We ended each lesson with a jam session so that I got to playing my first song even at the end of my first lesson! It makes you want to keep playing and playing. I definitely recommend Sharon for learners of all skill levels!


Beginner Guitar Lessons

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