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The Little Book of GREAT SEX


  • Do you struggle with low sexual desire or the inability to reach an orgasm?

  • Do your thoughts and anxiety interfere with your enjoyment of sex?

  • Are your health problems sabotaging your sexual experience?


If the answer to any of those questions is "yes," you are not alone! In her book, The Little Book of Great Sex, Sharon Williams discusses her journey from chronic pain to sexual bliss.


From fighting through chronic pain after an accident, to living out her dream of attending culinary school while knowing being on her feet could send her spiraling into pain and depression, Sharon fights to regain an enjoyable sex life with her husband. Mixed with humor, follow Sharon through the steps she took and see how you, too, can learn real ways to fight through the challenges to make sex great again.


In The Little Book of Great Sex, you will find new tools to help build a more pleasurable experience with your husband, along with Christian-friendly resources for learning more about improving your sex life.

Sharon's book is awesome!

This little book reminds us that great sex is fun and that its worth taking the time to think about what works for each of us. Her tips gets to the heart of what it takes to bring life into our sex lives - regardless of whether one is faced with extraordinary challenges or not. The quotes at the beginning of each chapter are eclectic, creatively chosen and spot on for each chapter’s concept. Who else but Sharon would quote Churchill, Shakespeare, and Newman from Seinfeld in the first three chapters! Well done."

~ Patricia E

A guidance book worth reading more than once!


I‘ve always wanted to read a sex book that doesn’t make you feel alone. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down, every chapter made me more interested in what I’ll read next. Sharon W. you really outdid your self! Congratulations!"

~ Giselle R

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