Individual & Group Nutrition Coaching


I specialize in gluten, dairy, soy and sugar free cooking. Finding healthy meals you can cook, enjoy and feel better. Includes - Meal planning and grocery shopping coaching.

In-person Knife Skills Lesson


Learn to use your chef's knife like a pro. I will teach you the easiest and fastest way to cut vegetables. Good knife skills make healthy food prep easier and faster. I offer individual or group knife skills classes in the NYC area.

Healthy Cooking on a Budget Group Workshop


I offer a one and a half hour presentation about how to cook healthfully on a budget. I will also demonstrate some basic knife skills to make vegetable and fruit preparation easier, safer and faster. I’ll also discuss basic healthy cooking techniques: roasting, sautéing, steaming and blanching your vegetables to retain their maximum nutrients. This workshop includes a PowerPoint presentation, hand outs and an electronic recipe book for all participants.

Healthy Cooking Classes


Eating well can be overwhelming and confusing. Let me teach you to properly roast, bake, steam, sauté and blanche your vegetables for the best taste and nutrition. I offer individual and group classes in the NYC area.

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Female Sexual Health Advocate


If you’re struggling with low sexual desire, difficulty achieving orgasm, sexual side effects from medications or other concerns, we can talk openly and honestly about them and try to find ways to address them. You can find my book "The Little Book of Great Sex: A Woman's Guide to Experiencing Pleasure" on Amazon. It is indeed a little book about how I have overcome obstacles to experiencing sexual pleasure. You’ll find I’m a compassionate listener who is not afraid to talk about sex.

Adult Beginner Guitar Lessons


What’s up with the guitar, Sharon? Ha ha! I love music and I’ve long admired musicians. It has the power to make me smile,  dance, improve my mood, decrease stress and take my mind off of pain. What could be better? Playing guitar is not only fun but can also be a great social activity. I love having fun and being social! Guitar music crosses many musical genres with rock, country and Christian worship being my favorites.


How did I get started? In 2015, I Googled “adult group guitar classes in NYC” and “NYC Guitar School” was one of the first results. I jumped right in and had a blast from the very beginning. I love playing guitar, especially with all the people I have met in my classes. I started the adult rock band program in 2017 and have had even more fun. I also began playing bass guitar in my band in 2017 and love that as well. I also sing in the band! In a nutshell, I love to rock with my friends.


As a beginner student, I will teach you the nine most common open chords and three strum patterns which will allow you to play thousands of songs. At the end of each lesson we will be playing a well-known song so you can practice the chords you have learned. I offer lessons in person or via skype.

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